Small Spaces and Beautiful Places

FB_IMG_1466297963236 (1)  I have had the wonderful opportunity to see much of the country this past year, opposite ends of the country even. We began in Florida back in September and ended in Washington state just a few months ago. There were so many beautiful places! Places near oceans, rivers, mountains, on street corners, in hotels, not to mention all of the historic places.

A couple of my favorites were places like the Alamo in Texas (is that because I’m in love with American history??Maybe. ), Fox Island in Washington where we kayaked in the beautiful weather and then ate pizza on the beach. Downtown Seattle from the top of a very tall building, with its bays and bustling people and nearness to the ocean. The Riverwalk in San Antonio where you go down into this amazing below ground strip full of little shops and restaurants and ducks with names that everyone knows. Basically every beach in Florida, little quiet mountain towns in Colorado, and towns in small valleys way up in Canada that you reach after you’ve driven for hours, flown for hours and then driven some more. This town in particular looked like the night sky as we were pulling into the valley along the mountain road that brought us to it. It is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen.  Continue reading


The Reason for Lilies


J.K. Rowling created a character who I have come to admire as much as Beauty, for her place in her world, the choices she made, the lives she changed and all of the good she represents in her story. Her name is Lily Evans/Potter.

For those of you who have not read the story from start to finish, I’ll warn you now, there are going to be some spoilers! Because you discover more about Lily later on towards the end. So if you don’t want spoilers, now would be a good time to stop reading.

The character traits which I have now come to discover are so important for me to form within myself are portrayed so very well in nearly all of J.K. Rowling’s women from this particular series. Continue reading

The Reason for Roses


Karin Bolstad

In literature there are many characters who inspire me with their stories and decisions, bravery and kindness, selflessness and courage. And lately I’ve been looking for more “role models” who are women. It occurred to me when I was creating this blog that there are two fictional characters who inspire me on a number of levels. Let me first say the things I admire in any role model. Cliché as they may sound, here they are:

Kindness                                    Bravery

Self-Worth                               Selflessness

The ability to actually stand up for what you believe to be right in the proper circumstances. Continue reading

My Latest Adventures

Hello world!

It is great to be blogging again! There is something about it that is very… therapeutic shall we say?  For those of you who don’t know what I’ve been up to, for the past year I’ve been running around the country with a team of three other quite wonderful people. We’ve spoken to high schools, middle schools, teachers and parents about many issues of the day, including modernism and postmodernism, the authenticity of the bible, what culture looks like and how it affects us on the daily, Islam, Pornography, Legalism, building better habits and soooo many more things. Our base was in Colorado Springs so that is where all of the off time was spent, sometimes in the office working on new content for presentations and newsletters, sometimes just chilling. And I must say, I enjoyed it immensely. Even though I was TERRIFIED of public speaking before. Continue reading