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  cropped-img_20160530_133855.jpgI love food. Cooking it, eating it, preparing it for guests and sharing it with others. The reason for this is that I have discovered how to eat well and give my body what it needs. It’s simple really. And even delicious. Here is where I’ll share my discoveries and favorite things to eat, as well as some tips on how I’ve learned to eat in a healthy way.  There will be one post at a time and I’ll switch it up every so often. So be sure to check back if you want to read more!


 Off Days

    I’ve committed this year to do everything possible to reach a healthy BMI range for myself. And right now that looks like counting calories and sometimes carbs, exercising much more than I usually do, being part of a fitness group ( which one of my friends convinced me to join, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise ). It means being vulnerable, challenged and discouraged an awful lot. But that’s okay.

 Changing an aspect of your lifestyle takes time and all of the things I just mentioned. It also takes dedication, consistency and a willingness to see it through to the end. I’m speaking mainly to myself because like I said before, it’s discouraging sometimes.

I think a huge part of the mindset that you need to do something like this is about loving yourself. Just like you wouldn’t give up on a friend who let you down, abandon someone close to you who’s in need or refuse to keep being there for someone just because things get hard. You should not so easily give up on yourself.

Stick it out if it’s what you need. And figure out what you need so that you can take care of yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to tell you how to do it or waiting for someone to do it for you.

 I’m also not trying to promote narcissism, just a healthy view of ones self. In my experience that can be the thing that tends to get “put on the back burner” more often than not. And maybe sometimes necessarily. But I don’t think fully neglecting yourself all the time is the way to go.

Anyway, my point is: changing aspects of your life style means sticking it out for the long haul, and doing it because it’s what you need. Because no one can change it for you, except you. And you need it. So don’t get discouraged, don’t drop the ball, give yourself room for mistakes and move on. Figure out what you need to improve and adjust your plan, look at the areas in which you’ve improved and be proud of yourself for those things, then build on them. Love yourself and I think you’ll find out how much easier it is to love everything and everyone else around you.

That’s my bit of advice for the day. Happy Thursday!

Also, here are some pictures that inspire me because when they were taken I had lost about 30 pounds, and was closer to my goal weight. Here’s to being healthy!

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3 thoughts on “Health and Wellness

  1. This is so on point! I couldn’t agree more, I never thought about in this way, was but it’s so true. I love what you said about how we wouldn’t give up on a good friend, yet often we so easily give up on ourselves.

    That’s what I did for 23 years, gave up on myself, over and over again! And to achieve finally getting to my healthy bmi (this week!) it really did take loving myself and not giving up on myself! I never just put it into words. I love your perspective!

    Thank you for this post, I will definitely keep this in mind. Even though I’m at my healthy bmi now, I can’t just stop and forget my plan. This mindset, lifestyle and way of eating is something I’ll have to continue in for the rest of my life, if I want to maintain it.

    So thank you for sharing your healthy perspective! It really encourages me. God bless you, sweet girl! Excited for your journey!


  2. Thank you so much! Wow. It’s really encouraging to hear your story because you’ve basically done what I am trying to do! Great job. I’m learning so much about devoting time to myself throughout this process. If I go for long periods of time without really thinking about taking care of myself, my fitness routine and eating habits just go out the window. So I’m trying to be more intentional about it. I’m convinced it’s the best way to get this done. Thank you for reading!

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    1. I am so encouraged by your blog! I’ve subscribed to it so it’ll come to my inbox. Thank you for sharing your journey! I’m excited for you, I completely agree – the best way to go about a healthier lifestyle is to be intentionally minded and stay consistent, day in and day out.
      One thing that really motivated me early on, was this quote and it still motivates me today!

      “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”
      – Earl Nightingale

      That spoke volumes to me! Because I always gave up so quickly if I didn’t lose as rapidly as I imagined I would.. I’d lose 10 pounds or so then slip back to my old ways. Lose 15 then slip. Gain 15 back then lose 10.. and so on.. I never realized that time was passing me by, time that could’ve been spent intentionally and deliberately getting healthier, albeit slow but steady! Persistent tortoises do make it to their finish line! 😊🐢 But I’ll always have to be a persistent tortoise in order to maintain the weight that I’m at! And I’m okay with that.

      Thanks again for sharing such an encouraging blog! God bless you as you are on your journey! You’re going to do so well, because your mindset is in the right place!


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