Meet the Author

12241616_10206653227163836_6857624322248715260_nWelcome to Roses and Lilies. Here you’ll find lots of different musings from me ( the one on the right ) about life, love and creativity. I ADORE blogging. Which is why, if I’m ever at home for a significant amount of time and my schedule allows, I start-up a blog. Those of you who’ve read my blogs in the past would know. The challenge is keeping one blog going for a long time! And that’s my goal with this one.

I’ve written two introductory posts about why I gave this blog the name I’ve given it. Which you can find here and here if you’d like to read about it. The reasons are quite worth the read I assure you. 😉

And I’ve written a third introductory post about why I love blogging and what I hope this one will achieve. You can find that one here.

In short though I hope to share my life with you all, create beautiful things and a life-giving environment, inspire myself and those around me to love well and see the joy in life, learn things I never knew before, encourage my readers regularly ( I want you leaving my site with good feelings and positivity about your day 🙂 ) and challenge myself and others to change things for the better, see things differently or do something you’ve never done before. That’s what I hope to accomplish here.

I’m also a HUGE health nut and it’s something I’m passionate about so if you scoot on over to my Health and Wellness page you’ll see my own compilation of tips, tricks and recipes that have worked for me in the past.

I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to look around. Please enjoy and let me know what your favorite things are that you see here.

Happy Readings!

~ Chels