An Open Window

13588740_10208300970076379_775864660_oWhen I woke this morning it was pouring rain outside my window. I had left it open the night before because our air conditioner was broken and it was almost unbearably hot upstairs. So I could hear the storm loud and clear, all the thunder that echoed and lightening that struck the sky, every rain drop that pounded against the earth. When I looked I could see streams of water running through our front yard over rock and dirt and grass, washing everything until it was thoroughly rinsed with rain water. I’ve missed rain. Here in the south it rains a lot, whereas when I lived in Colorado for a while I hardly saw any rain. I was only there for a year but I certainly didn’t see any rain showers or thunderstorms. But I love rain. It cools things down, washes anything thoroughly, sounds beautiful and best of all it renews the earth.

 I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much this morning. I’ve needed to refresh my thinking. I’ve just been going a lot since I got back from Colorado and haven’t taken the time to readjust my thoughts. At least not to the extent that I’ve needed to. But between dinner by the water last night with my brother and his wife, an unexpected phone call from a friend this morning, a new space that I get to make my own and some time off from working I think I might finally be getting there.

 So I’m glad  left my windows open last night. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been awoken by the rain. And it made for such a great start to the day.

 If you are stressed or unable to think clearly I would suggest these things: go somewhere beautiful or peaceful or both and spend time there for a while, take some time to work on a hobby that you enjoy, have a movie night with a friend, write a list of all the things you are grateful for, etc. I know it might sound silly but maybe to enjoy life we need to remind ourselves of the things we enjoy about life, instead of always stressing about things we need to fix or take care of.

 Just some thoughts for the day. Hope everything is lovely for you guys.



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