Sweet Raspberry Tea

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but it is ridiculously hot here in the south these days. And it’s hot all the time.You probably find yourself reaching for a cold drink pretty often if you live down here, or anywhere right now because it’s June!

I have a really hard time trying to stay away from sugary drinks in the summer time. Because, let’s be real, literally everywhere advertises them and they all look so good! It’s difficult to just drink water and pass up those fruity, frozen goodies.

But because I’ve committed to eating as little processed sugar as possible, and since it is in no way good for you, here’s what I do.

Firstly avoid nearly anything processed and I typically don’t trust labeling, because I don’t trust marketing. I’m not cynical by the way, just skeptical and serious about what I’m actually putting into my body. So even the ones that say “sugar-free” or “diet” usually are not truly as they say.

I don’t know if you guys have ever tried kombucha, but if you haven’t you totally should. It’s something I sometimes go to when I would like something cold and carbonated but without a ton of sugar. And you can totally make it at home. I’m also not against buying drinks at the supermarket or at a restaurant, I’m just all for actually knowing what I’m drinking. Even with that though, sometimes exceptions are made, I just try not to make them terribly often. 😉

Secondly I make sure I am drinking lots of water.We tend to not drink enough water as it is and right now it’s summer time so we should be staying as hydrated as we can. Often times for me, this quenches my thirst and then I don’t even want the sugary drink anymore.

And lastly, be creative! Make things at home. So that everything you are drinking is something that actually passed through your hands. The truth is you can totally make really good (even fruity) summertime drinks at home that are much better for you, much less costly and last longer than one large strawberry lemonade that you picked up from Wendy’s would.

Juice is a great thing by the way. If you have access to a juicer or even a blender, throw some fruit in there and use a banana to sweeten and voila! You have a delicious summer drink that’s good for you.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Here is one of my favorite drinks to make this summer so far. Sweet Raspberry Tea, and lots of it.

Here’s what you need :

Raspberry tea bags which you can typically find in the herbal tea section.

And stevia, or some other type of natural sweetener. The only advice I have here is to stay away from anything with aspartame in it. That stuff should not be in food.

I add a few tablespoons per kettle and more later if I need to. Stevia can also be found at most super markets. It’s a sweetener but from what I’ve found so far, it’s completely natural. So it doesn’t taste just like sugar. But give it some time and let it grow on you. Again, we’re changing our taste buds!

Put everything in the kettle and bring it to  a boil, add some cool water and some ice and you are good to go. I really enjoy this drink and don’t feel bad about drinking it at all. You could even add different things like mint leaf, depending on what you like.

Also thanks to Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea Company I have this really cool jar. You guys should check them out, they actually have some really nice loose leaf teas which I have yet to try!

Stay cool!



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